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eFiling Portal Team Saturday, May 27, 2017

Certificate of origin is the document, certifying the origin of country where in the export goods and procured and manufactured originally. It is evidence on origin of goods imported into any country. These certificates are essential for exporters to prove where their goods come from and therefore stake their claim whatever benefits goods of Indian origin may be eligible for in the country of exports.

There are two types of Certificate of Origin

  • Preferential Certificate of Origin
  • Non Preferential Certificate of Origin


Preferential certificate of origin is document attesting that goods in a particular shipment are of a certain origin under the definitions of particular bilateral or multilateral free trade agreement (FTA) Importers of Indian products to get a concession in customs tariff of other countries.

Preferential arrangement/scheme under which India is receiving tariff preferences for its exports are :

  • Generalized System of Preferences (GSP)
  • Global System of trade Preferences (GSTP)
  • SAARC preferential Trading Agreement(SAPTA)
  • Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement (APTA)
  • India - Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement (ISLFTA)
  • Indo - Thailand free Trade Agreement
  • India - Malayasia comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (IMCECA)
  • India - korea comprehensive Economic partnership Agreement (CEPA)
  • India - Japan comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement(UCEPA)
  • Asaean - India free Trade Agreement


Non-preferential certificate of origin is required in general by all countries for clearance of goods by the importer, on which no preferential tariff is given. It is issued by

The authorized chamber of commerce of the exporting country.

Trade Association of the exporting country.

Non-preferential certificate of origin may apply with the following documents

  • o Details of quantum/origin of inputs/consumables used in export product.
  • o Two copies of invoices
  • o Packing list in duplicate for concerned invoice
  • o Fee not exceeding Rs.100 per certificate as may be prescribed by concerned agency.


A covering letter to FIED for issue of certificate of origin /certification of copies of invoices/packing list, etc. The letter should also indicate that the information furnished in the relevant documents is true and correct.

Indemnity Bond

Nine copies of the certificate of origin duly completed along with one copy of the invoice for FIEO records having following declaration.

We hereby declare that the goods mentioned in this invoice are of Indian origin and manufacture

In case copies of invoices are also required to attested, nine copies of the same may also be submitted with the above declaration.

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